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tv   Good Morning Washington at 600  ABC  September 17, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> there's a new panda cub at the national zoo. we will check in with john gonzalez for details. >> aound of violent protests overseas over the film, this time the violence impact of american soldiers. >> tempers flare. how coach mike shanahan is reacting to an outburst on the field. good morning, washington. great to have you with us on this monday morning. i am pamela brown. >> i am steve chenevey. let's get a start on the weather would jacqui jeras. >> things will change in the afternoon. don't leave home without the umbrella. it's beautiful this morning in the meantime. a little chris with temperatures in the 40's to the west. 60 in the district's. -- a little crisp this morning.
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a dry start. showers by mid afternoon. some strong storms possible into tuesday. mostly sunny today, 60 degrees at 7:00 a.m. 73 by noon with increasing clouds. light rain developing across the area by 5:00, 78 degrees for the high temperature. we will talk about the changes coming up. first let's check on traffic with jamie. >> off to a great start on the rails. all reporting on schedule. 395 is on schedule as well. still at a good pace on the beltway passing a landmark and to and across the 14th street bridge. arlington, reports of an accident on arlington boulevard near george mason drive. in the district, expecting a new york avenue where it crosses est virginia-montana avenue there is a disturbance.
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on the topside of the beltway from 95 to 270, this is what the pace looks like. back to you. >> thank you. while you were sleeping, mei xiang was hard at work becoming a mother for the second time. >> o exciting at the national zoo. a cult was born at 10:40 last night. -- the cub was born. john gonzalez joins us. >> the 15-year-old mom has been cradling the newborn ever since she gave birth around 10:40 last night. for most of the morning the zookeeper's were not able to receive it, there were only able to hear noises. an hour later they got a first glimpse. it's hard to see the new baby due to the fact it's only about the size of a stick of butter. an exciting morning at the national zoo.
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this has been in the works for about seven years since the female giant panda gave birth to expressed baby in 2005. to tell us more about what happened late last night and what will happen for the weeks ahead is one but -- is the chief veterinarian. >> it is thrilling for us at the zoo and for the whole country. it means so much to panda conservation and for everything we do at the national 0 >> . suzanne, what goes into a berth like this? i understand you knew something was maybe going to happen because mei xiang was cradling and licking her toys. >> she shows those behaviors whether she is pregnant or not so it's a guessing game. a lot of times we use ultrasound to try to figure out whether or not she's pregnant.
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she loves her ultrasound exam is the great thing. she just lays there. but for the past two weeks she wanted nothing to do with it, so we did not know. in the middle of the night we ended up having this allowed cub, which was great -- loud cub. a nice set of lungs. >> they had their first in 2005. it could be weeks before we know the gender. reporting live at the national zoo, john gonzalez, abc 7 news. >> good that it's healthy. following a developing story from the middle east. violence has broken out in afghanistan, fueled by the anti- moslem thefilm on youtube. >> john gonzalez has the latest -- jummy olabanji has the
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latest. >> protests have occurred in more than 20 countries across the middle east. a well-executed inside attack, four american troops were killed by afghan soldiers they believed were allies. 15 taliban fighters were wearing american uniforms when they will hold through the outer wall of a military base and stormed inside with automatic rifles and grenade launcher. 14 of the attackers were killed. the 15 cost taken into custody. a spokesman says afghan officials did afghanrevetting appear on troops and have already removed a couple hundred men from duty. >> what they tell you is the more we work together, the more we trust them and we don't see ourselves in jeopardy. >> this morning in kabul, afghanistan, protesters to to
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the streets. it was the same in pakistan, where police fired teargas and cannons on protesters who broke through a barricade on the way to the u.s. barricade as anti- u.s. anger continues across the moslem world. the protection of american personnel and facilities is the top party right now of the u.s. state department. >> the future of afghanistan will been the topic of discussion in northwest washington this afternoon as ryan crocker will speak at the carnegie endowment for international peace at 12:30. it's the first time he has spoken publicly since returning from kabul. he stepped down as ambassador and was replaced by his deputy in may. >> the trial begins four men charged in a deadly and run accident in arlington. an oxon hillyear-old last september
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as he was walking along route 50 in the early morning. he was pronounced dead at the scene. hicks is charged with felony hit and run. >> mitt romney makes a push to win over hispanic voters will speak to the u.s. chamber of commerce in los angeles and tonight an exclusive interview on telemundo. he was spotted saturday attending his grandson's soccer game in massachusetts. he was supposed to attend a rally sunday in colorado but called that off after a small plane crashed at that airport, killing one person. he did not want to distract from the emergency response. president obama taking steps to fight off republican criticism. today he will launch a new trade enforcement cases against china to target chinese subsidies for exported cars and parts.
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the trip to ohio includes stops in cincinnati and columbus. the first lady will campaign in gainesville, florida. vice president joe biden will speak in iowa. republican vice presidential nominee paul ryan will give a speech to supporters in des moines iowa. >> redskins fans reeling after last night's game. they separate the first loss of the r.g. iii and era to the rams. he did not have a bad game though, before the rams struck back. what the redskins thought was a bad call exploded on the field. mike shanahan said the team still has a lot to learn. >> you cannot lose your poise in those situations. too often it will cost games.
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>> adam and ryan both left with injuries. it was a tough weekend on the diamond as well. the nationals leading 5.5 games. the nationals are off today. they will welcome the dodgers tomorrow. 6:009. >> the space shuttle's final
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correct the beginning of the space shuttle endeavour's flight to california has been postponed and it will fly out tomorrow. a stop in houston will be shortened to one day. it will go on display at the california science center in los angeles. >> naupa jacqui jeras because we have changes in the weather department. >> it has to do with the same whether that's holding up. our shuttle up the more-- that's holding up the shuttle flight. it is 48 degrees at dulles right now, 46 in winchester and
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petersburg. the moisture will slide up to the north and east. a cold front approaches from the upper midwest at the same time. if you are traveling today clear conditions at bwi marshall. but delays in charlotte atlanta, and chicago. make sure to call ahead. 75-79 with a chance of showers this afternoon. first, here's jamie with traffic. >> dry pavement for the rush hour. maryland 270 earlier crash southbound was quickly cleared. but the volume has been pushed southbound to urbana and hyattstown, pretty much normal. let's see if anything is beyond this as far as delays. still looking good. around the beltway, a silver spring and bethesda to university boulevard, travel lanes are open. back to you. >> thank you.
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coming up, an attempt to blow up a busy bar in chicago was thwarted despite the bomber pulling a trigger. >> a woman could not wait to get to the
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>> a woman was attacked as left for dead in an alley in northwest d.c. the woman was found bloody and unconscious saturday night near the alley near first and whittier streets. >> i saw blood. i saw a lady who was traumatized. her face looked like it was hit. her nose may be broken. but punsterched her eye. her pants were down. >> the woman has been released from the hospital. police are not saying much
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except that the cases under investigation. >> a man charged with trying to set off a car bomb outside chicago are expected in court today. the 18-year-old was arrested on friday it. an undercover agent gave him a fake car bomb and watched him pushed the trigger. he was active in jihadist forms and conducted on-line searches for information on how to make bombs. >> it was 150 years ago today that the battle of antietam began not far from d.c. 23,000 people were dead, wounded, or missing, the bloodiest day ever on american soil. a week later president lincoln issued the emancipation proclamation. today a group of actors and others including john lewis, actress alfre woodard, and actor tyree young. the event starts today at 4:00 p.m. at the lincoln memorial.
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>> delma went into labor on the weekend. she and your boyfriend or on their way to the hospital when they realized they would not. make not they made a pit stop at the speedway. >> he was like i cannot drive any faster. i was like, i am not going to make it. i had a contraction and stood up on the back seat and my water broke. >> race track folks help her delivered the baby. the baby is just fine. they gave fair tickets four races for the rest of real-life. >> that's great that they had an emt on duty. you never know. >> let's shift our focus to the weather. it's nice outside. we will get some rain and around the evening rush hour.
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>> you probably will want to grab the umbrella before rushing out. look at the beautiful start. it's kind of deceiving, but we have changes on the horizon. heavy weather tomorrow. starting with sunshine. temperatures in the 40's and '50's. 59 in the district, 61 in annapolis, 48 in dallas, 50 in gaithersburg. we have changes coming because of the moister down to our south and west. a lot of heavy rain if you are traveling. this will combine with a cold front. by 2:00 this afternoon you see the clouds pushing into the district. then the rain showers start pushing in for this evening. then the real heavy stuff by tomorrow afternoon. a few thunderstorms could be severe very blustery and much cooler on the backside. we could see as much as an inch or two of rain especially across
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parts of the west. general amounts close to a half- inch. today, partly sunny. by this afternoon, showers later in the day. 75-79. thunderstorms tomorrow along with blustery conditions. drying up on wednesday morning much cooler with ties in the low 70's. let's see how traffic is moving. >> not many problems. on 395 virginia, coming off the beltway to and across the 14th street bridge, lanes are open. 95 northbound has still a little volume and 17 falmouth as they continued the accident cleanup's. so again at triangle, dale city to woodbrige and lorton. it's a beautiful morning passing king street. let's check in and over the beltway in maryland, seeing a little volume in making your approach. this is the outer loop out of
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bethesda towards 270. back to you. >> thank you. gas prices are still rising, but relief may be on the way. the national average is $3.86 a gallon. the average price for regular is $3.99 in d.c., $3.80 in maryland, $3.72 in virginia. >> i think prices are manipulated by the financial markets, speculation. i don't think it has to do anything with the middle east or supplies. >> aaa says prices will likely drop later this month when stations start switching to winter gasoline. >> gas prices are upper. food company prices may not be. >> sunny hostin has more. >> topping america's money, protests are planned as occupy wall street mark sixth
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anniversary today, a year after the first demonstrations. they will march at the new york stock exchange and in more than dirty cities. concerns growing about corporate profits. fedex signaling weaker earnings. earnings for a typical u.s. companies are expected to drop over 2% for the third quarter. 73% of employers now are making a 401k match back to pre crisis levels. resident evil took in $21 million. i am sunny hostin the. have a great monday.
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announcer ] audi a4 drivers have spoken. [ engine revs ] and they ranked the a4 highest in total quality index in its class. [ chirps ] ♪ ♪ captioned by the national captioning institute >> the d.c. music scene is paying tribute to the "godfather of go-go. tonight will mark the beginning of the tribute to the go-go scene that he helped create. it's at the house or up here. there's the chuck brown band with george clinton starting at 8:00 tonight. university of maryland students experts to approve the world around has caught the eye of bet. >> now you have a chance to make it even better. >> it is a miracle to get one
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oregon but i have received two. >> when she was 11 she was diagnosed with a rare heart condition. she collapsed one day and woke up in the hospital with a new heart and a new kidney. >> that gave me the opportunity to live an extraordinary life and give back to my community. >> the now 21-year-old gives back through a two nonprofits that she started herself. organizations have raised awareness of organ donation and funds to help young girls in the d.c. metro area. because of for hard work this college student is nominated for a bet making a difference award. >> i was in complete shock. i was like, oh my gosh. >> if she wins, she would like to use the $2,500 prize to create a scholarship fund for students who have received a transplant. >> a lot of people don't understand how hard it is to be
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sick and in college. it's the winners will be chosen based on a nationwide voting contest. she hopes the d.c. area comes out in a big way to support her. >> i have achieved the impossible and sat at the doorstep of death. you can help me to continue to change the world by voting for me. >> jummy olabanji, abc 7. >> the winners will be announced next month live in new york city. the voting ends tomorrow. if you would like to help her out, find a link to vote on our website vote >> all right, 6:27 is the time. still another half-hour. >> when are we going to see that little baby? we are
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anncr: a good job. it's the key to a good life. but it isn't always easy to find one... a vote for question seven is a vote for maryland jobs.
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two thousand construction jobs to build a new resort casino. four thousand permanent jobs paying... on average fifty five thousand a year. six thousand jobs from increased tourism... and table games like blackjack and poker. add it up: it's twelve thousand new maryland jobs. but to build it you have to vote for it. vote for question seven. and get maryland back toork. >> take a good look, washington this is from the panda cam live look here and somewhere inside the habitat at the national zoo, there is a new arrival. the new arrival is the size of -- but we see here the new mother, mei xiang is about 500 pounds. >> a family appears to be
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heading to court showing the duchess of -- without her top on. "good morning washington," it is monday, september 17. >> good morning, everybody. we're going to get a check of the forecast in just a moment. >> first though, we're going to get right to the big news out of the national zoo this morning after weeks of wondering hoping is there going to be a new baby at the national zoo? apparently yes. >> mei xiang gave short last night but it was well midnight before zoo keepers can be sure. john with the latest. john? >> we all know how crazy the decide citi went back in 2005 when a baby ban panda was born but now, a new one. we want to show you live picture of what's going on. we understand that the mom mei xiang, is finally getting some well-deserved sleep.
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for hours, she cradle that little pab da -- panda cub in her arm and now getting some well deserved sleep. mei xiang created a nest of bamboo sticks and a nest web and just fassnauting to know that after so many years, it has happened. we have a doctor the chief veterinarian here. how did he's this all come about? >> it went just according to planned. we weren't sure whether she was going to have a baby or not but we were all so excited just about 11:00 as last night, the watchers heard a lauds squawker, we all came running in and sure enough, a little cub, caught one glimpse so far, is the size of a stick of butter but it sounds like a tub of butter. >> this has been in the work for many years. artificially inseminated almost every year since 2005.
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>> exactly. we have a whole team here, keepers and trainers and volunteers all worked together. and this is a great example of what our zoo can do. along with the pandas, we all work together. for us to have a dap cleana -- chap cleana and a baby cub, doesn't get better than that. >> your first cup of coffee, well deserved, doctor. >> thank you. >> it will probably be weeks before the public can get a glimpse of the new cubs, as far as chinese custom, we won't have a name for at least 100 days. all right, i'll say it, it's pan dome one this morning. -- pandemonium this morning. >> john, you waited until 6:00 to say it. >> that john's good. right now, just overhead of the rush hour, not too many many problems. pracking the delays on 270. a delay through urbana and hyatt
6:34 am
town. now we are farther south. seeing a little bit of that collected on the -- volume on the increase. college park and around the silver springs, a little stop and go. interstate 95, virginia, even once past there, several slow stretches. out of delphi, and into laurent news. >> beautiful this morning. and look at that pennington tangerine skies with 59 degrees in the by tomorrow, the stronger thunderstorms will move in some solve which could be severe. so you expect forecast for today, a mix of sun and clouds by 9:00 a.m.
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65 degrees. more cloudiness by noon and by 5:00 some scattered showers across the area. more on the severe thunderstorms later on. first, head back to the news desk with steve and pam. >> this morning, we're following a developing story from the middle east. that's been where there has been another wave of violence in afghanistan. jimmy? >> we have some updated news. we have just learned within the past couple of minutes that protestors have set fire to a press club and a government office in northwest pakistan sparking clashes with police officers that has killed at least one demonstrator. and there have been the sources of demonstration in more than 20 countries across europe, africa and the middle east sometime with violent results. u.s. troops were killed in what's being called an inside attack.
6:36 am
as anti-american anger continues to grow across the muslim world americans are being evacuated and taken out of harm's way, but president has been very clear the protection of personnel into cities is and will remain our top priority. in pakistan, police fired tear gas and cannons on protesters who broke through a barricade on the race to the u.s. consulate and this morning, protestors took to the street in afghanistan, the violence has turned deadly in what is being call adewale-planned and well-executed attack. four american troops were killed by afghan soldiers they believed were they allies. 15 taliban fighters wearing american uniforms blew hole through the outer hole of the military base in the country and stormed inside with automatic rivals and grenade launchers.
6:37 am
afghan officials did a rebedding of their troops and moved a couple of hundred men from due. officials say they still believe their work in the country is on track. >> and then you talk to the guys out in the field, what they'll tell you is the longer they work with them, the more confidence you have in them and the more we trust them. >> of those 15 attackers in afghanistan, officials say 14 were killed by nato forces and the 15th in custody. libyan authorities also made more arrests in connection with in the deadly attacks there at the u.s. consulate. >> new this morning, d.c. police investigating an overnight shooting in southeast and we're told a man was shot in the stomach in the 1300 block of congress street after midnight. no ferguson on the victim's condition or possible suspects. police think they know who killed a young mother in capital height. so far, no arrest.
6:38 am
brittany mckinley was shot on heath street. a second woman was wounded. she was also shot. police believe those shootings were the result of a domestic dispute. they did find a white s.u.v. that they think belongs to the shooter. neighbors are taking care of mckinley's young son. >> take at the day ahead. a doctor convicted in the brutal administered of his pregnant wife and children 42 years ago get the chance to plead his case. he was convicted of stab his entire fam to death. the case inspired a book, movie and tv mini-series called "fate vision." he has maintained someone connecteded to the manson family is responsible. they will have new d.n.a. tests introduced as evidence to prove his innocence. a tragic death in the church parking lot lot in marylands being call an accident.
6:39 am
an 86-year-old died after her own car ran over her. police believe she forgot to set the parking brake. >> it is child passenger safety week. transportation secretary and other leaders will hold a news conference to discuss a new survey on car seat and booster seat use and installation in the united states. the national highway traffic safety administration says car crashes are the number one killer of children under the age of 12. >> we have 57 degrees on this refreshing monday morning. still ahead on "good morning washington" -- >> there's a new study that reveals teens who sexted are more sexually active. >> but it's also telling us something about how well at bank of america, we're continuing to lend and invest in the people, businesses, and organizations that call greater washington home. whether it's funding an organization that provides new citizens with job training,
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working with an anacostia school that promotes academic excellence or supporting an organization that serves 5,000 meals a day across d.c., what's important to the people of greater washington is important to us, and we're proud to work with all those who are making our communities stronger.
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>> new information on teen sexting. a study being published next month found that teens who send or receive sexually explicit text are more likely to have sex. about 15% high schoolers admit to have sexting. the teens are more likely to have unprotected sex. this afternoon, we're going to hear for the first time from the woman steaming up bedrooms
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around the country. the author of "50 shades of grey" will join katie couric for an interview. that interview on "katie." and on abc 7. >> lawyers for britain's royal family will make a criminal complaint against the photographer who took pictures of prince williams' wife, kate sunbathing topless. it will be up to prosecute to decide whether to pursue the complaint. lawyers have filed a civil lawsuits against the french magazine but the publisher says it will release 26 pictures today. >> let's check things up with jackie. >> it is beautiful out there. 59 degrees. can't explain. but changes on the way. and for more on that we're going to go to doug hill. >> thanks, jackie. very cool and clear start and
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the changes will unfold over the next couple of days. a lot of rain and some severe weather at the same time. chesapeake beach, low clouds off to the west. and a lot of sunshine through the day. not only in chesapeake beach and across the areas. right now it is chilly. 59 degrees in downtown washington. one of the warmest spots. clear skies for the main areas in the mid-atlantic each of the appalachians but on the lower left hand side of your screen, showers and storms tomorrow. how does the compute look? >> we're enjoying the dry pavements this morning. off the beltway to king street, a pretty decent run across the 14th street bridge. maryland the trek slowing leaving the frederick area. a little bit of a slowdowns too
6:45 am
as you head down the lane divide. >> thanks, jamie. chicago teachers are still on strike but classes could begin at the earliest. >> 10 touchdowns on his birthday for a high school
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6:47 am
>> could be a while before the hockey pucks drops again. the nhl locked out players in the league. the main sticking point how to split more than $3 billion in revenue. no formal talks planned but both sides are talking informally. players say they need to be ready to go with when a deal is reached. >> that's the only way you can do it. otherwise, we could get a deal done and if you're not ready
6:48 am
you could -- >> the nhl could soon start canceling preseason games and there's little chance that training camps will open on time. >> the chicago teacher strike is expected to last at least through tomorrow and that means most schools will open. major sticking includes longer school days. chicago mayor had instructed attorneys to seek a court order for forcing members back into the classroom. >> noise pollution in urban areas putting people's health at risk. noises particularly the constant sound of traffic is causing sleep disturbses. tonight details from that report and how lost of sleep is most hurting your health. >> a record-setting birthday for a high school football player in
6:49 am
oregon. tomas tyner ran for 640 yards and he top that off by scoring 10 touchdowns. that was all the celebrating he needing on his 18th birthday. >> i can't wait to go to sleep. i can't wait to go to sleep. >> you got yourself a better birthday present? >> no. it was all i wanted >> he helped his team win. >> that's a basketball score. >> yeah. when asked who should get the credit, he pointed to his teammates, the offensive line. way to be humble. >> wow, what a score. jackie is back with us as we look for some changes on the way. >> i know. what a great start. but you don't want to leave home without the umbrella because we've got rain in the forecast and some could be strong for tomorrow. let's go to doug hill. hey, doug. >> you may want to not leave home without a jacket. many suburban areas in the
6:50 am
depiverts 6. sunrise in about three minutes. things have changed this afternoon. clouds roll in. look at these numbers. mostly 50's around in the city and points east. even a warm 61. that's a reflection of the bay water temperature. waters warmer than the air. mid to upper 40's. 45 in frederick. here's the deal with satellite and radar. clear skies for most of our area and back to the west and southwest, the atmosphere starting to consolidate. we will move up through the appalachians the next 48 hours along with an approaching cold front. the result could be rain. some storms could be severe. so here's the futurecast shows things here move thug the next couple of days. in our forecast, 48. partly sunny skies. chance of showers this afternoon. tomorrow, cloudy, breezy arm, upper 70's. a very good likelihood of
6:51 am
showers and storms lingering into wednesday. what's happening on the traffic? >> route 28 southbound, we've just arrived to the scene of the crash. southbound on 28. looks like we have a tow truck at the scene. that's always good seeing some progression, at least the clean up. left side will be blocked and we have a lot of volume in that direction every morning. so add a little extra time to your commute. on 66, delays there as well past and approaching fair oaks and briefly at the beltway. back to you. >> thanks, jamie. a live look at today's top stories and what you need to know before you walk out the door. looks pretty nice out [ chirps ]
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>> time for our monday express. we're going to start things off with john gonzalez. >> very good news, steve. after seven years, mei xiang and tian tian, the giant panda at the national zoo are once again, proud parents the momma panda gave birth around 10:36 last night. we understand mom and baby are both sleeping right now,
6:55 am
resting. it was a very exciting morning and after the momma panda was artificially ensemi-nated each year in 2005, there was less than a 10% chance this would happen but it has happened. everyone very excited here at the zoo. >> the unrest continues in the middle east. protestors have set fire to at least two buildings in northwest pakistan sparking clashes with police that killed one demonstrator this morning. four u.s. troops were killed over the weekend in what's being called an inside attack. several taliban fighters wearing american uniform broke into military base and stormed inside with automatic rivals and grenade launchers. michelle obama going back on national tv. you'll be able to see her in the season premiere of "rachael ray" to make a startling admission. some health food that she refused to eat as a child. find out what that is at 10:00 on abc 7. >> today marks one year since
6:56 am
protestors descended on wall street in what was to become an occupied movement. >> for more information go to our website at and look for the monday express tab. let's find out what's happening outside with jackie. >> don't be fooled by how beautiful it is. >> oh. >> after eight days, here we go. the changes are ahead. sun and clouds by 9:00 with 65 degrees. and the mid 70's by noon. partly sunny but by the time you drive home, scattered showers developing. high 79 overall and the thunderstorms will continue for tomorrow, especially late in the day. some of those could be severe. and then we'll really cool it down with highs in the low 70's. >> we could enjoy the next couple of hours. >> indeed, yes! >> the middle class is carrying a
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heavy load in america. but mitt mney doesn see it. under the romney plan, a middle class family will y an average of up to $2,000 more a year in taxes. while at the same time giving multi-millionaires like himself a $250,000 tax cut so, romney hits the middle class harder... and gives millionaires an even bigger break. is that the e wayfoforward for america? i'm barack obama and i approve this message.


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